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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating Our Independence!

Last year on July 4th...

Our 4th day at home as a whole family... Still trying to figure out how to handle 2 babies at once!

Eli 2010

Isaac 2010
The boys have a lot less "accessories," as I lovingly nicknamed them, than they did this time last year.  So this year on "Independence Day," I was certainly celebrating our independence from oxygen tanks and monitors.  I can't believe they were so little last year, and still so dependant on so many extra things...

And this year... well... they played in a sprinkler, homemade-pool, and even went down a slip-n-slide!  Yes, that's right- a slip-n-slide!  Oh my!  I probably won't win mother of the year for letting them do that... but, no one was hurt, and fun was had by all.


(Click on these links below, to see video Chris posted on FaceBook of the boys on the Slip-n-slide...)

Isaac on the Slip-n-slide

Eli on the Slip-n-Slide

They also got to see fireworks for the 1st time.  Well, Isaac saw them- and LOVED them!  His little face would light up with the sweetest smile everytime they went off!  I can't believe he wasn't scared!  But Eli slept through the whole thing...

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